May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

With warmer days and everyone being cooped up because of the COVID-19 pandemic it is normal to be excited to get out on the open road.

But don’t forget to use caution and be alert.

Both motorcyclists and motorists need to be aware of their surroundings. Checking blind spots, mirrors and using turn signals are necessary when changing lanes and when passing. Distracted driving has been on the rise the last few years. Being distracted for a few seconds can be the difference of seeing a motorcyclist or not. Don’t let that text message change your life forever!

Riders need to take precautions too, freshen up on your riding skills with a driving course or just practice emergency stopping or figure eights in an empty parking lot. Don’t forget to gear up from head to too, helmet (that fits properly), gloves, Leather/textile jacket, motorcycle pants, and boots.

Always have your bike is good riding condition (pre-season checklist) and look out for road hazards such as dirt and potholes.

Both motorists and motorcyclist should recognize driving hazards at all time, be safe and have fun.

Pre-Season Checklist

Well we made it, spring time. I can’t wait to jump on my bike and take if for a quick spin. But don’t forget to inspect your bike thoroughly before hitting the roads. There isn’t a worse feeling than when you are riding and all sudden I remember that I haven’t checked the tire pressure and start thinking something might be wrong with my bike. 

So here is a list of things you can do. This is by no means a complete list, but it covers a lot. I did a lot of this in the fall but somethings are worth checking twice.

Walk Around

  • Look for leaks (I find it difficult to hand tightened my oil filter, it tends to leak a bit)
  • Check horn and lights
  • Paperwork, where did I put the new insurance?
  • Adjust mirrors or anything that might have been moved while getting your bike out of storage.


  • Check voltage – min 12.5v fully charged
  • Check battery age – 5 yrs. max
  • Clean terminals & re-apply dialectic grease
  • Check fuses and have a stash on hand

Tires & Wheels (make the bike go around)

  • Check tire tread depth
  • Check tire age
  • Check tire condition (dry rot/cracks)
  • Check tire pressure


  • Clean & Lubricate chain
  • Inspect sprockets/chain for wear or belt/pulley
  • Adjust belt/chain tension


  • Check pads for remaining thickness
  • Inspect rotors for scoring, wearing
  • Inspect brake line hose for signs of wear
  • Replace brake fluid every 2 yrs. or if discolored


  • Replace coolant every 2 years or if discolored
  • Check oil/filter as recommended (change if you didn’t in the fall)


  • Inspect air filter
  • Inspect fuel filters
  • Controls
  • Lubricate control cables
  • Adjust cable for free play
  • Now just add fresh fuel and go for a ride!!